Industry applauds European Commission's Defence Action Plan
Industry applauds European Commission's Defence Action Plan
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Industry applauds European Commission's Defence Action Plan

The AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) has applauded the adoption of the European Defence Action Plan.

In a statement, ASD says it particularly supports the Commission’s intention to propose an EU-funded defence research programme with an estimated amount of €500m per year under the next Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF), describing the programme as a potential game changer and an important tool to develop common standards and increase interoperability.

ASD says it particularly welcomes:

• the idea of a "capability window" in the European Defence Fund to support the joint development of specific capability projects;

• the Commission’s intention to further develop with Member States and the High Representative the modalities and governance of this mechanism;

• plans to foster investment in defence supply chains, noting that SMEs and mid-caps often find it hard to access finance and face financial difficulties when projects are delayed;

• efforts by the European Commission to overcome market fragmentation and foster cross-border industrial cooperation; and all initiatives to improve EU-wide market access and facilitate deliveries of equipment and services between Member States.

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