Indonesia chooses Thales Alenia Space to provide Satria satellite
Indonesia chooses Thales Alenia Space to provide Satria satellite
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Indonesia chooses Thales Alenia Space to provide Satria satellite

The Franco-Italian manufacturer was chosen to design and assemble a powerful telecommunication satellite for the Indonesian consortium PSN. The launch is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Thales Alenia Space is certainly rejoicing: fifteen months after Eutelsat ordered the wide band satellite Connect VHTS, the contractor just got its fifth contract since October 2015 for the realization of a geostationary telecommunication satellite, based on the full electric platform Spacebus Neo (after Eutelsat Connect, Syracuse 4A, SES 17 and Eutelsat Connect VHTS).

The Satria satellite which should be launched on the fourth trimester of 2022 near the 146 degrees East, will be managed for 15 years by the Indonesian satellite operator PSN (Pasifik Satellite Nusantara), on behalf of Kominfo, the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

The company SNT (Satelit Nusantara Tiga) was created, for the project implementation, by associating PSN and other shareholders.


Equalizer access accelerator.

This VHTS satellite (Very High Throughput Satellite), equipped with a 5th generation digital processor and operating on Ka band, will be the most powerful geostationary relay operating on the Asian region: it will be able to transmit more than 150 Gb/s on the whole Indonesian territory, reducing the digital divide and contributing to the development of digital infrastructures.

No less than 145 000 areas (90 000 of which being schools, 40 000 being hospitals and public infrastructures, as well as regional governmental sites), still not related by satellite or terrestrial existing infrastructures, should be connected.

Moreover, the Franco-Italian manufacturer will settle a complete course program for Indonesian engineers, part of them being welcomed in Cannes and Toulouse in France during the training.

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