India’s Tata Power signs LOI with Javelin JV
India’s Tata Power signs LOI with Javelin JV
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India’s Tata Power signs LOI with Javelin JV

The Javelin Joint Venture team — a partnership between Raytheon Company and Lockheed Martin — has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Tata Power Company Limited operating through its Strategic Engineering Division (SED), to explore co-development and production of the Javelin anti-armor missile system.

As part of the LOI, the Javelin JV and Tata Power SED will create a strategy to co-develop and produce the Javelin missile system and integrate platform mounts to meet Indian requirements. This includes ground combat vehicle, dismounted infantry and rotorcraft applications.

In addition to meeting the Government of India's "Make in India" objectives, the LOI establishes a framework for future technological cooperation between the Javelin JV and Tata Power SED.

Javelin is currently fielded with the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps, and has also been approved for 15 foreign military sales customers.

Tata Power SED describes itself as a leading private-sector player in the indigenous design, development, production, integration, supply and life-cycle support of mission-critical defence systems of strategic importance, for close to four decades.

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