India test fires Pinaka rocket
India test fires Pinaka rocket

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India test fires Pinaka rocket

India’s Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) has reported a successful test firing of a new version of the Pinaka rocket, the Pinaka Mark-II or Guided Pinaka. The test took place on 12th January at Launch Complex-III, at the Chandipur Integrated Test Range (ITR). 

Pinaka is an indigenously developed, truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher currently offering a range of around 40km. It has been in service with the Indian Army since 2000.

The new variant is equipped with a navigation, guidance and control kit, hence the designation Guided Pinaka. DRDO says the conversion has considerably enhanced the range and accuracy of the weapon. 

The test firing – the latest in a series that started in 2013 – met all mission objectives. Radars, electro-optical and telemetry systems at Chandipur tracked and monitored the vehicle throughout its flight. 

The Guided Pinaka is being developed jointly by the Armament Research and Development Establishment in Pune, Research Centre Imarat in Hyderabad and the Defence Research & Development Laboratory, also in Hyderabad. ITR Chandipur provided the range and launch support. 

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