ILA 2016: MBDA unveils 360-degree laser effector
ILA 2016: MBDA unveils 360-degree laser effector

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ILA 2016: MBDA unveils 360-degree laser effector

MBDA Deutschland has unveiled a new, flexibly deployable laser effector at the ILA Berlin Air Show. The effector — which features a 360-degree beam guidance system — can be integrated onto both marine and land-based platforms via standardised interfaces. The new weapon system is especially suitable for defence against highly agile targets such as UAVs, rockets and mortar shells.

The system can acquire the target in a 360-degree operational arc, track it and then destroy it using the weapon’s powerful laser beam. Modern tracking systems ensure a stable holding point on the target, and thus rapid target engagement. Short engagement times also make this effector capable of defending against swarming attacks such as UAVs attacking from different directions, the company notes.

MBDA Deutschland says that its solution features high accuracy, scalability of effect and minimised logistics costs. The system’s mirror optics are claimed to be capable of harnessing higher laser power levels than those currently available today.

The company sees applications “wherever an immediate danger needs to be combated at very close range: for instance the protection of military camps, checkpoints and convoys. In the naval sector, laser effector systems could feature in both onboard ship and port protection.”

MBDA Deutschland says it has successfully tested laser effectors in multiple trials against airborne targets such as shells and UAVs as well as other targets.

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