Helicopters Bell for the Czech Republic
Helicopters Bell for the Czech Republic
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Helicopters Bell for the Czech Republic

The Czech government expressed its willingness to provide its forces helicopter UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper.

Czech Republic Ministry of Defense announced its intention to acquire twelve helicopters, manufactured by Bell Helicopter, for its air force. Prague wants eight platforms UH-1Y Venom and four rotorcraft AH-1Z Viper. This contract — which might become an FMS — is valued CZK 14.5 billion (or approximately $562 million).

The Czech Republic hopes the contract will soon be finalized — ideally by year end. “Deliveries should start in 2023”, said the Czech Prime Minister on August 22. This order meets a need of modernization of Czech armed forces. Indeed, the helicopters UH-1Y and AH-1Z will replace Mi-24 and Mi-25 fleets currently into service and composed of 7 and 10 aircraft respectively. They will be operated to carry out “ground forces support in combat, soldiers transport and wounded transport [missions]”, specified the Czech Minister of Defense.

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Ernest. Powell | 01/09/2019 15:51

Congrats to Czech Republic ! Great Aircraft and they will not regret the decision! Low maintenance bearingless rotors that are completely interchangeable! High fatigue lives for long operational life and very durable!

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