Global Support Package: Safran strengthens its position in Thailand © Safran

| Alexandre Rocchi

Global Support Package: Safran strengthens its position in Thailand

Safran Helicopter Engines and Thai Aviation Industries signed an agreement to strengthen their partnership for the support of helicopters’ engines used by the Royal Thai Armed Forces and Thai parapublic operators.

Safran Helicopter Engines strengthens its presence in Global Support Package (GSP) servicing in Thailand. Indeed, the engine manufacturer has signed an agreement with Thai Aviation Industries to broaden their partnership, established in 2017, to other operators and engine models. Safran Helicopter Engines already ensures maintenance for the Makilas used on the Airbus Helicopters H225Ms of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. The support is now extended to the Arriel-powered H125M, H145M, AS365N3+ and H155. Individual operators include the Royal Thai Air Force, Army, Navy, Police and Survey Department. The GSP partnership which now covers 50 engines Makila, Arrius, Arriel is built around the GSP model of Safran Helicopter Engines which includes budget stability, fixed price per engine flying hour and a technical partnership with the Original Equipment Manufacturer. The partnership is executed through the industrial capabilities of TAI which provides helicopter engine line maintenance, depot repair, inventory management and technical support expertise to ensure engine availability to government operators.

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