German students break rocket altitude record
German students break rocket altitude record
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German students break rocket altitude record

Already the world record holder for a student-built hybrid rocket, a club at the University of Stuttgart has now doubled its record.

A record of more than six years

The HyEnD (Hybrid Engine Development) student club was established in June 2006 by the Star student working group at the Institute for Space Systems at University of Stuttgart, Germany.

In November 2016, his Heros 3 rocket had raised the European altitude record for student and amateur rockets to 32.3 km, as well as the world altitude record for hybrid propulsion student rockets.


A record shattered

To break its own record, the HyEnD club developed a new rocket using nitrous oxide, dubbed N2ORTH.

It is one of the most powerful and advanced hybrid rockets in the world, carrying 95 kg of oxidizer and powered by a HyLight engine with 10 kN of thrust.

The craft was launched April 18 from the Esrange space center in Sweden and reached 64 km altitude.

The measurement was performed by GPS.


A support from DLR

The HyEnD club is supported by the German Aerospace Center DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt).

In particular, his N2ORTH project is funded by the second participation in the student support program Stern (star, in German) - for STudentische Experimental-RaketeN (Student Experimental Rockets).

Here, as sometimes, the boundaries between youth, club, association and professional aerospace projects are no longer watertight, but the provision of professional resources and technology allows students to make great leaps in their learning.

For more information about the club and its activities : https://hyend.de/

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