Exotrail to become a global player in in-orbit services
Exotrail to become a global player in in-orbit services
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Exotrail to become a global player in in-orbit services

On February 7, the French start-up, based in Massy in the Essonne region and in Toulouse, announced a new round of financing, in a macro-economic context that is considered unfavorable.

Unwavering support from Bpifrance

The Exotrail company, founded in 2017 to provide electric propulsion systems for small satellites, has just completed a new round of funding, in order to accelerate its growth and industrialize its space mobility products internationally.

The round raised €54 M from public and private investors, led by Bpifrance (which was already in Exotrail's capital, via the F3A and Digital Venture funds), along with the French government's Société de projets industriels (SPI) fund and the Fonds Innovation Défense (FID).

This is followed by Eurazeo, one of the leading players in private market asset management, and the international software engineering company Celad.

In addition, all of Exotrail 's historical investors are included: 360 Capital, Karista (via the Paris Region Venture Fund), Irdi Capital Investissement, Innovacom, iXO Private Equity, NCI-Waterstart, BNP Paribas and Banque Populaire Val de France Groupe BPCE.


Success story

Exotrail's previous round of financing, carried out in July 2020, raised €11 M.

Since then, the company has recorded steady triple-digit revenue growth, and has tripled its order book by 2022.

Exotrail currently employs 90 people, and plans to hire more than 70 people worldwide over the next twelve months.

His customer portfolio covers Europe, North America, and selected Asian countries, both commercial and institutional, positioned across the entire space sector s value chain: launch service providers, satellite manufacturers and operators.


Video interview (in French)

A few days prior to this announcement, Air & Cosmos welcomed Jean-Luc Maria, co-founder and current chairman and CEO of Exotrail, for a 20-minute filmed interview (in French).

See online on our YouTube channel.

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