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Ethiopian Airlines seeks new partners, eyes Ghana
Ethiopian Airlines seeks new partners, eyes Ghana
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Ethiopian Airlines seeks new partners, eyes Ghana

Ethiopian Airlines is looking to enter an alliance with Ghana's new flag carrier, which the government is currently seeking to create. According to local press reports, the Ethiopian carrier is interested in becoming a strategic partner for the new airline. Ethiopian airlines recently took delivery of the first of 14 A350s, becoming the first carrier in Africa to introduce the new Airbus widebody twin.

Ethiopian VP Girma Shiferaw was quoted by GhanaWeb as saying “We have heard that Ghana wants to establish an airline. Normally we prefer to be partners and to build the airline together not to own it. We like the concept of being a partner, not an owner. If the opportunity comes, we are ready to partner. As a principle, our door is opened for collaboration with any African airline. It doesn’t matter if it is in East, West or North of the continent.”

The Ghanaian government has aked for proposals from future strategic partners for the creation of a new national airline. A move that follows the bankruptcy of Ghana Airways and its successor Ghana International Airlines.

Ghana shares a border with Togo, the home country of Asky Airlines, in which Ethiopian Airlines owns a 40% stake. The latter aims to break the seven million passenger barrier this year and thus could become the continent's leading airline in passenger numbers, ahead of South African Airlines.

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