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Emergency landing of an A321 in Russia
Emergency landing of an A321 in Russia
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Emergency landing of an A321 in Russia

An Ural Airlines’ Airbus A321 makes an emergency landing in a field after hitting a flock of gulls.

On August 15, an Airbus A321 of Ural Airlines flying between Moscow-Zhukovsky and Simferopol airport in Crimea, crashed in its take-off phase, scheduled at 6:15 am, about 1 kilometer from the airport. The aircraft was carrying 226 passengers and 7 crew members. The Russian Ministry of Health explains that several people received care following the accident, however only one woman had to be hospitalized. The two engines of the A321 were struck by birds, forcing the aircraft pilots to make an emergency landing with the engines turned off and landing gear pulled into the cornfield near the airport.

Following this incident, an investigation led by the special committee of the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has been opened to study the circumstances of the accident.

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