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EBACE 2017: Rolls-Royce expands service network
EBACE 2017: Rolls-Royce expands service network
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EBACE 2017: Rolls-Royce expands service network

Rolls-Royce is adding additional Authorised Service Centres in Germany, England, France and Russia for its CorporateCare customers.

Rolls-Royce is expanding its global network of Authorised Service Centres (ASC) for its CorporateCare customers. This ASC network is part of Rolls-Royce’s services portfolio for business aircraft and adds to its existing global aftermarket capabilities.

Rolls-Royce now has 72 ASCs in place with maintenance providers worldwide in order to respond to customers’ needs as quickly as possible. The ASC network is complemented by On Wing Services specialists who are located in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia, as well as a number of spare parts, lease engine and tooling storage locations around the world.

The expansion of the Authorised Service Centres network includes:

Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services in Berlin, Germany (offering services for BR710-A2 engines),

TAG Farnborough Engineering in Farnborough, England (BR710-A2),

Embraer Aviation International at Le Bourget, France (AE 3007A),

Jet Aviation Vnukovo in Moscow, Russia (BR725, in addition to its existing service portfolio for BR710-A1/A2/C4, Tay 611-8/8C and AE 3007A engines).

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