Dubai Airshow 2017: China displays Cloud Shadow UAV © Emmanuel Huberdeau

| Emmanuel Huberdeau

Dubai Airshow 2017: China displays Cloud Shadow UAV

China’s AVIC is displaying some of its heavy unmanned aerial vehicles, including the Cloud Shadow and Wing Loong II.

China is steadily raising its profile at major international air shows, and Dubai Airshow 2017 is no exception. AVIC is presenting a range of heavy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), including the Cloud Shadow.

This is a 3.2t, jet-powered design with a claimed top speed of 520km/h for an endurance of five hours.

According to AVIC, the Cloud Shadow is designed for reconnaissance and attack missions. It can carry a 400kg payload, including SAR radar, optronics turret and 4-6 guided bombs or missiles.

The Cloud Shadow is designed to cruise at an altitude of 12,500m and a speed of 420km/h.

At the show, AVIC is also displaying its Wing Loong II Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) platform. This 4.2t UAV can carry a 480kg payload. It offers 20 hours’ autonomy at a cruise speed of 180-280km/h.

AVIC China Cloud Shadow Dubai Airshow 2017 UAVs Wing Loong II

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