Drones and anti-drones for the Indian army
Drones and anti-drones for the Indian army

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Drones and anti-drones for the Indian army

Delhi equips itself with kamikaze drones, and 'Made in India' anti-drone systems

Offensive component...

The Indian military hopes to acquire a hundred new drones, which would be produced by a Bangalore company. Deliveries will be made in two "waves" of about 50 drones each. The few details made public indicate that the UAV will be able to be used to transport medical equipment, and has the capacity to destroy targets located up to 25 km away. Including enemy tanks and armoured vehicles. At the same time, some Indian publications indicate that they are kamikaze drones....


... and defensive

More credibly, the Indian armed forces also signed a contract on 31 August for the supply of a naval anti-drone system produced by Bharat Electronics Limited. The system would be capable of detecting opposing UAVs and destroying them with a laser weapon. The system is the Naval Anti Drone System (NADS) developed with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and unveiled last July. The NADS can detect drones within a radius of 3 km and destroy them within a radius of 1 to 2.5 km



India had been concentrating mainly on surveillance drones (Suchan, Nishant, Rustom). There are many more recent projects for armed drones. But in both cases, no locally developed model has convinced the military. Also, the kamikaze drones ordered would most probably be the "Sky-Striker" from Elbit Systems, which has signed an agreement on this subject with the Indian company Alpha Design. The drone with a 5 kg military payload was reportedly used by Azerbaijan during its conflict with Armenia. Last January, India had for the first time publicly displayed "kamikaze drones" in action.

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