Drone attack on the Russian refinery in Tuapse
Drone attack on the Russian refinery in Tuapse
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Drone attack on the Russian refinery in Tuapse

On the night of 27-28 February, two suicide drones hit the Russian refinery in Tuapse. One building appears to have been hit by one of the two drones. This is the second drone attack identified in this time frame against energy targets and located at a very long distance from the front line in Ukraine.

On the night of February 27-28, the Russian city of Tuapse (Krasnodar Krai, Russia) was awakened by at least two explosions. Some videos confirm that at least two drones flew over the area just before hearing explosions. The attack, likely Ukrainian, appears to be part of a series of suicide drone attacks organized to damage Russian energy infrastructure and all located a very long distance from the front line.

In this case, the first Ukrainian positions are just over 440 kilometers from the affected refinery. Just this morning, a Ukrainian UJ-22 drone had crashed only a few meters from a gas station located about 460 kilometers from the first Ukrainian positions... and only 94 kilometers southeast of the Kremlin (Moscow) (article on the subject).

It is quite obvious that an air defense cannot cover the entirety of the strategic facilities of a country as large as Russia. Nevertheless, in both cases, the drones passed over Russian positions and therefore (theoretically at least) covered by anti-aircraft batteries.

It should be noted that after the attacks on the Engels-2 and Dyagilevo air bases (more info in this article), the Ukrainians are using decommissioned or low-cost UAVs in order to strike deep into various important targets. These attacks also demonstrate that despite the insistence of Russian propaganda, Russian territory is not impervious to attacks from Ukraine, even though the Ukrainians are targeting targets more than 400 kilometers from the front line.

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