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Dragonair rebranded as Cathay Dragon
Dragonair rebranded as Cathay Dragon
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Dragonair rebranded as Cathay Dragon

Dragonair has been officially rebranded as Cathay Dragon, bringing the airline closer to Cathay Pacific in a move designed to provide customers with a more seamless travel experience across the airlines’ respective regional and international networks.

The Dragonair-to-Cathay Dragon brand conversion process started earlier this year following an initial rebranding announcement in January. The most visible change to date has been the progressive introduction of the new Cathay Dragon livery, which includes the iconic Cathay ‘brushwing’ logo.

The rebranding will introduce both airlines to a wider audience, from overseas passengers who are more familiar with the Cathay Pacific brand, to Cathay Dragon passengers from Mainland China who seek the convenience and assurance of an internationally-recognised premium airline with global connectivity.

Cathay Dragon has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific since 2006. Over that time the two airlines have built up significant synergy, and have improved their customer products substantially, enhancing their cabins, seats and inflight entertainment with a view to greater brand alignment.

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