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Diamond Aircraft trainer makes first flight © Diamond Aircraft

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Diamond Aircraft trainer makes first flight

The DART-450 (Diamond Aircraft Reconnaissance Trainer) made a successful first flight on 17th May. The Austrian firm describes the aircraft as the worldwide first all-carbon-fibre tandem, two-seat civilian and military trainer with a sidestick and pneumatic ejection seats.

The +7/-5G aerobatic airplane, which has a maximum take-off power of 500 hp, is equipped with the Ivchenko-Progress / Motor Sich AI-450S turboprop engine, a five-blade MT propeller, and Garmin avionics. Maximum endurance is given as eight hours plus reserve.

Within the first 60 minutes of flight, speeds between 60 and 200 knots IAS were tested at various altitudes. Expected top speed is 250 knots TAS.

According to Diamond Aircraft Chief Designer Clemens Knappert, the first flight took place just one year after the first drawings were drafted.

Diamond Aircraft DART-450 Trainer Embraer Boeing KC-390

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