Dassault reports Rafale, Falcon orders/deliveries for 2018
Dassault reports Rafale, Falcon orders/deliveries for 2018
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Dassault reports Rafale, Falcon orders/deliveries for 2018

Dassault Aviation delivered 12 new Rafales, up from 9 in both of the previous years, and handed over 41 new Falcons, compared with 49 in each of the two preceding years.

Dassault Aviation booked orders for a total of 42 Falcon bizjets during 2018, a total that takes account of the final Falcon 5X cancellations. This compares with 38 Falcons ordered in 2017.

12 Rafales were ordered in 2018 following the entry into force of the option exercised by Qatar as the first down-payment was paid in the first half of 2018.

41 new Falcons were delivered in 2018, consistent with the company's deliveries forecast. down from 49 Falcons handed over in both of the preceding years.

12 Rafales (9 for export and 3 for France) were delivered in 2018, as per the company's forecast, compared to 9 Rafales (8 for export and 1 for France) in 2017 and 2016.

In addition, 2 Navy Rafales retrofitted to the F3 standard were delivered to France in 2018.

As of 31st December 2018, the backlog stood at 101 Rafales (73 for export and 28 for France) and 53 Falcons (with no Falcon 5X orders), almost unchanged from the previous year — 101 Rafales (70 for export and 31 for France) and 52 Falcons (including an unspecified number of Falcon 5X orders) at the end of 2017.

The Dassault Aviation Group will release its full-year results on 28th February 2019, along with deliveries guidance for the coming year.

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