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Corsair accelerates the renewal of its fleet
Corsair accelerates the renewal of its fleet
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Corsair accelerates the renewal of its fleet

The airline, with a current fleet of seven aircraft (3 Boeing 747-400s, 2 Airbus A330-200s and 2 Airbus A330-300s), plans to pass to thirteen aircraft, all Airbus, in 2023.

Six months after the arrival of the new majority shareholder of Corsair, Intro Aviation (53% of the capital), the transformation dynamics of Corsair keep on their track. The airline plans to modernize and develop its current fleet of (3 Boeing 747-400, 2 Airbus A330-200 and 2 Airbus A330-300 aircraft) to make it grow to thirteen aircraft, all Airbus, in 2023, with a first phase by May 2021.

To accelerate this process, Corsair has anticipated the exit of a first Airbus A330-200 from January 2020, then of the first Boeing 747-400 in December 2020. The last two Boeing 747-400s will exit the fleet in April 2021. For the renewal of the fleet, the airline has ordered, in March 2019, three Airbus A330-900neos, leased by Avolone. They will integrate the fleet in August 2020, then in February and April 2021.

Furthermore, Corsair has confirmed its order to lease, from undisclosed lessors, two Airbus A330-300s (that will enter the fleet in January and April 2020) and two additional Airbus A330-900neos (that will be delivered in December 2020 and May 2021). Corsair will thus operate a fleet of ten aircraft, five of which being Airbus A330neos, as of Mays 2021. The airline also plans to increase the number of seats in the front end classes. The cabins will have 20 seats in Business class (contra 12 currently), 21 in Premium (contra 12 in Airbus A330 and 18 in Boeing 747 aircraft currently).

As regards the network, Corsair has also operated a strong rationalisation (closure of Tananarive, Dzaoudzi, Bamako and Havana) and redevelops on other axes. As part of its development in the north-american continent, Corsair has opened Miami, in June 2019, with at first, four flights per week, then 5 frequencies from December, to reach 6 weekly flights as of June 2020. The airline has also announced the enlargement of its servicing for Montreal on an annual basis. Finally, as announced on September 10, Corsair will open a connection Orly-Newark from June 10, 2020. The prices will increase from €149 per segment (with meal but no luggage) in the low season to €250 per segment in the high season.

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