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Comlux totals 20 Airbus ACJ
Comlux totals 20 Airbus ACJ
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Comlux totals 20 Airbus ACJ

Comlux orders its fourth Airbus ACJ320neo. A contract making the Swiss airline, specialized in VIP charter flights, total twenty Airbus ACJ, all models included.

Comlux just purchased its fourth Airbus ACJ320neo. The aircraft will be powered by CFM Leap-1A and the cabin outfitting will be done by Swiss airline completion in Indianapolis. With this new contract, the VIP charter operator totals 20 models of Airbus ACJ ordered, all models included. Comlux constitutes 10% of the global Airbus ACJ fleet currently into service and almost a third of the aircraft of the ACJ320neo family sold in the world. The ACJ320neo can transport 25 passengers on 11,100 km (6,000 NM) or more than 13 hours of flight. Its “little brother” ACJ319neo can reach 12,500 km (6,750 NM) with 8 passengers on board.


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