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China rolls out AG600 amphibious aircraft
China rolls out AG600 amphibious aircraft
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China rolls out AG600 amphibious aircraft

Chinese media have reported the roll-out on 23rd July of the AVIC AG600 amphibious aircraft. This latest milestone for China’s aviation ambitions follows the rollout of the Comac C919 narrow body airliner in November last year and the recent entry into service of the Y-20 military transport.

The AG600 is described by AVIC as the biggest fire fighting/water rescue amphibious aircraft in the world. It features a maximum takeoff weight of 53.5t, an overall length of 36.9m, and a wing span of 38.8m. Design features include a single hull fuselage, cantilevered high wing, T tail-wing, and tricycle landing gear. The aircraft is powered by four Chinese-made WJ-6 engines. Reported rane is 4,500km.

The AG600 is designed for forest fire fighting, ocean monitoring, ocean rescue, and maritime enforcement. AVIC reports « option orders » for 17 aircraft.

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