China launches aero-engine group
China launches aero-engine group
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China launches aero-engine group

China has offcially announced the creation of a new aircraft engine manufacturer, called Aero-Engine Corp. of China. Investors in the new company include Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) and Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (Comac).

The new group, which brings together a number of existing aircraft engine entities, will have registered capital of 50 billion yuan ($7.5bn) and a workforce of around 96,000.

China is seeking to develop its own aircraft manufacturing capability, but the latest projects still rely on Western systems and engines. Comac’s A320-sized C919, which was rolled out in November 2015, is powered by CFM International Leap-1C engines. The smaller ARJ21, meanwhile, which entered commercial service in July, is equipped with General Electric CF34-10A engines.

China’s military aircraft, including the prototype J-31 stealth fighter, also rely heavily on Russian powerplants.

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