Centum Adetel makes its mark in India
Centum Adetel makes its mark in India
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Centum Adetel makes its mark in India

The combination of two intermediate-sized companies – one French, the other Indian – has created a new entity with big ambitions in aerospace.

Centum Adetel is a Franco-Indian entity bringing together two intermediate-sized companies: Adetel of France and Indian’s Centum. The latter acquired 51% ownership of the French firm in July 2016, and the new entity was thrust into the limelight at the recent Aero India show where the capabilities of the new entity were on public display for the first time … to the apparent satisfaction of major players from the French aeronautical sector.

The activities of the two partners — who had been working together since 2012 — are highly complementary. The combined entity, now part of the Centum Group, is well positioned in embedded electronic equipment and equipment for high-constraint environments, with growth prospects on international markets, particularly in Asia, Europe and North America.

Thus reinforced, Adetel can offer customers an integrated vertical product offering, focused on industrial production, while Centum has gained the design capabilities of Adetel and its well-established customer base, including some major French equipment suppliers.

Created in 1994, Adetel made its name as a specialist in the design and development of critical electronic subsystems and components. Aerospace and defence business accounts for a substantial portion of sales – the company supplies parts for Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Bombardier, Sukhoi and Embraer. Alongside its products for command & control, power electronics and energy storage applications, the company is also developing activities in ground and flight testing -- using its own test benches and simulators – and in standards compliance.

Following the Centum deal, Adetel opened an Indian design centre in Bangalore on 2nd January, staffed initially by 10 engineers – a figure that is ultimately expected to reach 100. The group already employs more than 600 design engineers at facilities in France, Canada and Morocco.

Bangalore-based Centum Electronics was also created in 1994. The company specializes in high-technology production of electronics products for a variety of industrial sectors and derives 80% of sales from international customers. It recently inaugurated a new production site, its fourth in the Bangalore region, which will be dedicated to the aerospace sector. The 14,000m2 facility, called Centum Avanza, is located next to the international airport and will employ 750 people.

The new site could well be involved in offset work related to the Indian Rafale contract. Centum Electronics is eligible for local production, while Centum Adetel could contribute its design expertise, having already been involved in the design of computers and test systems for the Rafale.

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