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Business aviation upswing continues in Europe
Business aviation upswing continues in Europe
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Business aviation upswing continues in Europe

Latest Eurocontrol figures reported by the European Business Aviation Association confirm that traffic growth in 2017 to date is the strongest in a decade.

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) reports that traffic figures for European business aviation in July were up by 5.7% compared to a year earlier, at 74,684 flights, continuing a positive trend that began in late 2016. The July figures are the culmination of a nine-month period of continuous growth not seen since 2010.

EBAA data are based on Eurocontrol traffic figures covering departures, arrivals, internals and overflights (DAIO) in the Single European Sky area.

According to EBAA, the +5.6% year-on-year growth recorded for January-July 2017 is the strongest showing for this period in a decade.

Among other highlights :

- With an average of 82.9 daily departures (+5.6% since the start of the year), Nice was the busiest airport for business aviation in Europe for the month of July, overtaking Paris Le Bourget.

- Despite a 3.1% slowdown compared to the same month last year, with in average 198.5 daily flights, the French internal market is still the biggest in Europe in terms of movements.

- UK, Spain and Germany all experienced positive growth in their internal market during July.

- With 16.1% growth compared to last July’s figures, Turkey confirmed the positive trend.

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