Boeing, Safran APU joint venture to start operations
Boeing, Safran APU joint venture to start operations
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Boeing, Safran APU joint venture to start operations

Boeing and Safran secure regulatory approvals to begin their joint venture for designing, building and servicing Auxiliary Power Units.

Boeing and Safran have received regulatory approvals for a joint venture so they can begin designing, building and servicing aircraft Auxiliary Power Units (APUs). The companies also named Etienne Boisseau as Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture.

Both companies have a 50 percent stake in the joint venture. The initial team will perform design work in San Diego, Calif.

The joint venture — announced in June — combines Boeing's customer and airplane knowledge and Safran's experience designing and producing complex propulsion systems.

In addition to Etienne Boisseau, others nominated to the joint venture's leadership team include: Linda Hapgood, Chief Operating Officer; Erin Morrissey, Chief Financial Officer; and Joan Inlow, Chief Technology Officer

The name of the joint venture as well as the location of the future headquarters and production and service facilities have yet to be announced. The companies had indicated earlier that the JV would be U.S.-based.

Boeing and Safran also are partners in MATIS, a joint venture in Morocco producing wiring products for several airframe and engine companies.

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