Asiana Airlines entrusts its future A321neo fleet to Lufthansa Technik © Airbus

| Alexandre Rocchi

Asiana Airlines entrusts its future A321neo fleet to Lufthansa Technik

Asiana Airlines signs a TCS contract with Lufthansa Technik for its A320s fleet, including future Airbus A321neos.

Asiana Airlines has entrusted Lufthansa Technik AG with comprehensive component support — known as Total Component Support (TCS). The ten-year contract covers a maximum of 79 aircraft of the South Korean airline, all belonging to the Airbus A320 family. This agreement includes the future A321neos. “Lufthansa Technik is a strategic partner for us who has proven over years that it can guarantee long-term security in the material supply of our fleets”, comments Danny Kim, General Manager of Asiana Airlines. He adds: “We are convinced that this successful cooperation will also prove itself in the component supply of our new A321neo aircraft.”

Asiana Airlines took delivery, on July 31, of the first of 25 Airbus A321neo aircraft ordered in February 2015. The remaining 24 units will join the Asiana fleet by 2025.

As for the contract — started in July — it holds provisions for being converted from an integrated Total Component Support (TCS) agreement including pooling to a Total Component Maintenance (TCM) closed-loop component repair and overhaul support in the mid-term.

Lufthansa Technik also provides component maintenance for the Asiana Boeing 777-200ER fleet, an integrated Total Component Support for the airline's Airbus A320, A330 and A350 fleets as well as V2500 and CF6 engine support and heavy maintenance for the carrier's Airbus A380 fleet.

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