Ariane 6 passes new exam
Ariane 6 passes new exam
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Ariane 6 passes new exam

A decisive phase has been achieved by the future European heavy launcher, planned for the second half of 2020: the Critical Design Review.

On September 25, the future European heavy launch vehicle, Ariane 6, successfully passed its Critical Design Review in Paris.

The meeting brought together the project management teams from the European Space Agency (prime contractor), the CNES, Arianespace (operator) and ArianeGroup (industrial designer).

This stage corresponds to the detailed design end of the launcher and authorizes its entry into the final flight qualification phase.


On the way to qualification.

This will be marked by the start of the tests combined with the launch pad ELA-4 of the Guiana Space Center, during the first half of 2020: the different parts of the launcher transported to Kourou will be assembled within the Launcher Assembly Building (BAL), then the launcher will be installed on the launch pad, to proceed with the docking of the lateral thrusters and the settlement of the fairing. All interactions and interfaces with the launch pad will then be tested, with several core stage test firings.

The inaugural launch of Ariane 6 from the Guiana Space Center is now scheduled for the second half of 2020.

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