Another military contract for Saab
Another military contract for Saab
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Another military contract for Saab

Saab has been awarded a new contract to support and maintain the Swedish Armed Forces' ground-based anti-aircraft systems. This latest contract joins a series of contracts with Sweden and other countries in a wide range of military fields. These contracts bring Saab more than €841 million in contract value in a month and a half.

One more Swedish contract...

On February 1, Saab received a contract to support anti-aircraft systems fielded by the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten). Worth 170 million Swedish kronor (€15 million), it will enable Saab to continue nearly 60 years of support for Swedish anti-aircraft systems, including;

  • The MANPADS RBS 70 very short-range anti-aircraft systems and its dual-missile version, RBS 90 (max 9 kilometer range, laser guidance)
  • The Giraffe 75 mobile radar (3D, 75 kilometer max range)
  • The Giraffe AMB mobile radar (C-band, 3D, 100 kilometer max range)

This contract was signed at the end of the fourth quarter of 2022 to take effect in 2023 through 2025. It also includes an option for an additional three years.

... after a string of recent contracts

In fact, in recent times, Saab and its subsidiaries have announced that they have received several contracts concerning military fields, mainly with Sweden for its Armed Forces but also with other European states.

  • With the France, for the purchase of AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher for 24 million euros, with a first delivery this year (announced on January 26).
  • With the Finland, for the purchase of RBS 70 NG anti-aircraft systems for SEK 800 million (or EUR 70.3 million) (announced Dec. 22 ).
  • With the Sweden, for a overhaul of Grippen C/D fighter aircraft in the amount of SEK 3.5 billion (or €307.57 million) (Dec. 16, 2022). It includes re-engining of the aircraft and a new combat electronics system to carry new munitions. On the same Dec. 16, Saab also announced a contract with the Swedish Air Force (Svenska flygvapnet) for SEK3.4 billion (€298.77 million) to provide maintenance and technical support for the Grippen fleet of fighter jets from 2023-2025.
  • With the Sweden, for the life extension of two Koster-class mine countermeasure vessels (MCMVs), for SEK 350 million (or €30.7 million) (Dec. 21, 2022). The ships will receive new equipment and systems will be upgraded.
  • With the Latvia for Carl Gustav M4 anti-tank recoilless guns, for SEK 185 million (or €16.2 million) (Dec. 20, 2022), 6 days after the announcement of Latvia's order for RBS 70 NG anti-aircraft systems and Giraffe 1X radar.
  • With the Sweden, for the purchase of NLAW anti-tank rocket lanes for SEK 900 million (or €79 million) (Dec. 15, 2022).

Some of the contracts appear to be quite in technical terms or in numbers. However, accumulating the sums of these, Saab has received applications accumulating more than €841 million. This figure still needs to be put into perspective as it only counts firm contracts and does not include possible options, such as the proposed life extension for the other three Koster-class ships.

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