Airbus, Orbital Insight team up in geospatial analytics
Airbus, Orbital Insight team up in geospatial analytics

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Airbus, Orbital Insight team up in geospatial analytics

Orbital Insight becomes the first analystics partner for the Airbus digital platform, OneAtlas.

Airbus Defence and Space has entered into a partnership with Orbital Insight, a U.S.-based geospatial analytics company, to build a suite of geospatial analytics services and tools.

The agreement will provide Orbital Insight with access to Pleiades and SPOT satellite imagery at scale and provide Airbus with analytics services, making Orbital Insight the first analytics partner for the Airbus pigital platform, OneAtlas.

The OneAtlas platform is a collaborative environment enabling users to easily access constantly updated satellite imagery, perform large-scale image processing, extract industry-specific insights, and benefit from Airbus assets to develop tailored solutions for a wide range of markets in both commercial and government sectors.

Orbital Insight uses cloud-based software and artificial intelligence to combine and interpret data from the commercial space industry and relevant terrestrial sources for businesses, governments, and NGOs. The company claims to be developing the largest repository of geospatial data sets ever known.

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