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Airbus opens new flight academy
Airbus opens new flight academy
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Airbus opens new flight academy

Airbus is opening its own flight academy and adding “ab-initio” to its training services offering.

In order to meet the forecasted market demand for cadet pilot training in Europe – estimated by Airbus at 94,000 new pilots over the next 20 years – Airbus has decided to open its own flight academy and extend its training services offering by adding “ab-initio” to its portfolio. 

Based in Angoulême, France, Airbus Flight Academy Europe will use Airbus standardised instructors to deliver the ab-initio Pilot Cadet Training programme approved by EASA at the end of 2018, complementing the intermediate and advanced training phases that are already available and provided in the existing training network on 17 sites worldwide.

The academy aims to train up to 200 pilot cadets annually. Using a modern fleet of single- and multi-engine aircraft equipped with full digital cockpit technology as well as the latest flight simulators, the training programme will equip students with the skills and mindset required to become “operationally-ready pilots” focusing on the all-important development of key pilot technical and behavioural competencies.

The Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme is open to high school graduates over 18 years old worldwide. Candidates will undergo online and on-site screening tests before being eligible for training which will include 750 hours of ground school, plus 200 hours of flight training.

Airbus Flight Academy Europe, formerly known as Cassidian Aviation Training Services (CATS), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus.

The flight academy announcement follows the recent inauguration of a new training centre for commercial pilots and maintenance engineers in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

The Delhi centre is the latest addition to the global Airbus flight crew training network, which already includes centres in Toulouse, Miami, Beijing and Singapore.

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