Airbus joins forces with Draken for UK SAR
Airbus joins forces with Draken for UK SAR
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Airbus joins forces with Draken for UK SAR

Airbus and Draken Europe are partnering to provide a second-generation search and rescue capability in the United Kingdom, using helicopters, drones and aircraft.

Airbus partners with Draken Europe for UK SAR

Airbus is teaming up with Draken Europe to meet the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency's (MCA) requirements for the second generation search and rescue service (UKSAR2G). Draken Europe follows Draken International's acquisition of Cobham Aviation Services in the UK in September 2020. Draken, which has 20 years of SAR experience, recently operated for the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, including operating two AW139s in Curacao. The company is best known for its services to U.S. Air Force pilots, where it works with the 64th Aggressor Squadron to respond to threats that airmen may face. However, SAR is one of the three areas in which Draken operates.


Aircraft, helicopters and UAVs

Together, Airbus and Draken will provide a complete system solution that seamlessly deploys helicopters, fixed-wing and unmanned aircraft supported by a diverse range of integrated mission-critical technologies to deliver search and rescue (SAR) response when, where and how it is needed.

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