Airbus DS, SurveyCopter unveil SkyGhost ER mini-UAV
Airbus DS, SurveyCopter unveil SkyGhost ER mini-UAV
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Airbus DS, SurveyCopter unveil SkyGhost ER mini-UAV

Airbus Defence and Space and its subsidiary SurveyCopter are proposing a new, extended-range mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the SkyGhost ER. The SkyGhost ER features a compact design ensuring projection and rapid deployment by a two-man crew. Fully automatic with several back-up modes, the system can be deployed within 15 minutes in hot or cold climates, in flat terrain, mountainous areas or urban environments.

Equipped with 360° visible and infrared high-resolution cameras, as well as a laser designator integrated in a high-precision stabilized plug-and-play turret, SkyGhost ER is powered by a low-noise electric engine. The design includes robust carbon fibre structures and shock absorbers for harsh landings.

The vehicle automatically follows a pre-programmed plan that can be reconfigured in-flight. Other features include a manoeuvre range area of 30km with an endurance of more than 3 hours, day/night operational capability in severe weather conditions, a secure NATO datalink for real-time transmission, autonomous flight guidance and navigation as well as fully digital multi-format 3D-2D cartography.

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