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Airbus A380: operators seek cracks
Airbus A380: operators seek cracks
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Airbus A380: operators seek cracks

Airbus A380 operators will have to check the absence or the presence of cracks along the aircraft wing trailing edges.

The European Aviation Safety Agency asserts the directive aims at preventing in-flight loss of pieces from the trailing edges, after observing cracks along the wings. The EASA directive counts almost thirty structures to check, with individual service bulletins identifying specific components of the Airbus A380.

Until now, Airbus has emitted several service bulletins covering the inspection directives for various location and necessary modifications. The elements affected include spar web, actuator supports and actuator assembling on a certain amount of spoiler locations.

Apparently, these elements are made of an alloy called 7449 that has already caused several cracks and had to be replaced with a more rugged material as part of a modernization campaign.

The EASA points out the new detailed inspections of the trailing edge and the systems located on this part of the wing have to be performed within the 147 months following the manufacturing date of the A380, then every 6 years.

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