AH-6i helicopters for Thailand
AH-6i helicopters for Thailand
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AH-6i helicopters for Thailand

Thailand could get AH-6i helicopters via a FMS.

The U.S. Department of State has approved the sale of combat and reconnaissance helicopters AH-6i. This foreign military sale is about 8 helicopters, 50 missiles Hellfire as well as related equipments and services. The FMS, currently valued $400 million, still has to be approved by the Congress.

These AH-6i helicopters will enable the Royal Thai Army to strengthen its attack and air-to-ground capability. They will conduct homeland security missions and support special forces, ground troops and coast guards. The purchase of these aircraft is part of a modernization effort. The AH-6i aircraft will thus replace the seven AH-1F Cobra helicopters currently into service.

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