Aero India 2017: HAL, BAE Systems unveil Advanced Hawk
Aero India 2017: HAL, BAE Systems unveil Advanced Hawk
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Aero India 2017: HAL, BAE Systems unveil Advanced Hawk

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and BAE Systems took advantage of Aero India 2017 to unveil a new version of the Hawk fast jet trainer dubbed Advanced Hawk. The two companies have worked together for years on the Jaguar and the Hawk. HAL has already built over 100 Hawks under licence in India.

The Advanced Hawk features a number of off-the-shelf improvements and other innovations designed to create an aircraft in line with training requirements for high-performance combat aircraft.

The aircraft features the refuelling probe developed for RAAF Hawks. The instrument panel, featuring a single large-screen display, is based on an existing solution from L3. The touchscreen-based system can reproduce the avionics of a large number of aircraft currently in service. Simulation technology allows pilot workload to be adjusted according to the specific training requirements.

Airframe innovations include an active slat leading edge and upgraded combat flaps. According to BAE, these modifications generate increased lift and result in enhanced climb, turn and low-speed performance. Payload capacity has also been increased.

The aircraft also offers combat capabilities. It is being displayed at the show with an extensive range of weapons, including MBDA Brimstone and AMRAAM missiles and the Raytheon Paveway IV bomb. The Advanced Hawk can also carry a Rafael Litening targeting pod, as well as a radar warning receiver and countermeasure dispensing system.

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