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About us

Air&Cosmos International is backed by the editorial resources of the Paris-based Air&Cosmos aerospace media group, which has built a reputation as an authoritative source of French, European and global aviation and space news for more than five decades. 

The creation of this website marks the latest phase in the group’s international strategy.

The Air&Cosmos editorial team:

• Hubert de Caslou (Editorial Director)

• Yann Cochennec (Editor-in-Chief)

• Alexandre Rocchi (Content Manager for Air&Cosmos International)

• Antony Angrand (Programmes, Technology)

• Jean-Baptiste Héguy (Civil Aviation)

• Justine Boquet (Defence & Drones)

• Pierre-François Mouriaux (Space)

The Air&Cosmos sales team:

• Cyril Mikaïloff (Sales Director): cmikailoff@air-cosmos.com

• Henry de Freycinet (Biz Dev): hdefreycinet@air-cosmos.com

Donwload the 2019 mediakit HERE.

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