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A biodegradable, water-saving solution for aircraft cleaning
A biodegradable, water-saving solution for aircraft cleaning
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A biodegradable, water-saving solution for aircraft cleaning

Socomore and Aerowash offer a 100% biodegradable aircraft cleaning solution, requiring little or no hot water, combined with a washing robot, the AW3. The solution has been approved by Airbus and Boeing.

A washing solution and a robot 

On May 31, 2023, Socomore, a French supplier of chemical solutions, and Aerowash, a provider of aircraft cleaning systems and services, signed a global agreement to offer airlines, as well as service providers, a time-saving washing solution for aircraft exterior cleaning operations. Aerowash, a company founded in 2008, has developed AW3, an automated aircraft washing robot. This automatic machine aims to streamline the exterior cleaning process to minimize aircraft downtime, while improving washing results and working conditions for the ground handling team.

A 100% biodegradable concentrate 

Assembled with Socomore's 100% biodegradable concentrated solution for cleaning a wide variety of pollutants, the AW3 brings improvements for operators, the environment, and enhanced quality for the wash result according to its inventor. For example, 99% of water is saved when cleaning aircraft, and rinsing is not necessary. The device is characterized by the fact that it does not use hot water, as is the case with high-pressure cleaners, and does not require wastewater reprocessing. As it is a concentrated solution, less water transport is required. In addition to its biodegradable solution, Socomore can offer other solutions to meet the needs of airlines or their service providers. The concentrated solution, which is totally biodegradable, called Sococlean exterior aircraft cleaner, is also approved by Airbus and Boeing.


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