2 million thanks
2 million thanks

| Hubert de Caslou 333 mots

2 million thanks

We have just passed the wall of two million page views for the month of February 2021 alone.

Dear friends, readers and partners in the aeronautics industry,


Together with the entire team of Air & Cosmos magazine, I would like to express our most sincere thanks.

We have just passed the wall of two million page views for the month of February 2021 alone.

A growth of more than 100% in three months, and nearly 180% in one year! This is an acknowledgement, a tremendous encouragement, but also a sign of real expectation among the public! A year ago almost to the day, we were entering a historic and unprecedented crisis. The whole world was plunged into a stupefaction that is beyond comprehension. The players in our industry have mobilized in an exceptional way to join forces, fight, survive, and prepare for the future: large groups and SMEs, entrepreneurs, Gifas and regional clusters, BPI or ACE ... but this situation has reactivated the collective spirit of our community's origins.

Faced with a crisis that is provoking all models and shaking up all certainties, and which is in addition to that of the written press, Air & Cosmos has been keen to stay the course in the storm, to "face up to it", by pursuing its mission of providing information, whatever the cost, but above all by transforming its historical model, to turn to the infinite resources that the world of data now offers us. No longer just tell, but explain. No longer just observe, but anticipate.

No longer just alerting, but federating. This is the modest contribution that Air & Cosmos would like to make to its readers and to the aerospace industry, at a time when the strategic autonomy of France and Europe is increasingly challenged by the militarization of international relations and the emergence of new forms of industrial competitiveness.

But this magazine is first and foremost yours, and this is why our forums will always be open to you to enable the aeronautics community to imagine new ways of collective action, and to be reborn together.

Thank you

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