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Terra Drone took part in the inspection of a port
Terra Drone Europe took part in a port inspection in Djibouti. © Terra Drone

Terra Drone took part in the inspection of a port

Terra Drone Europe, a subsidiary of Terra Drone Corporation, has carried out a port inspection in Djibouti.

On June 20th, the Japan-based group Terra Drone Corporation announced its subsidiary Terra Drone Europe carried out inspections with UAVs in Djibouti. Through this mission, Terra Drone Europe performed a photogrammetry of Doraleh’s harbour. In parallel, the photos collected by the multirotor drone enabled the inspection of the quay walls and the sea defense revetments. Thanks to this data, Terra Drone Europe will be able to provide a report which will help to locate the areas which must be urgently refurbished, as Djibouti’s port has been identified as vulnerable to floods.

The use of a UAV for this photogrammetry mission enabled a quicker performance in comparison with the use of traditional means as well as the collection of a bigger number of data at an affordable cost.

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