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Second MC-21 joins flight test programme
MC-21-300. © Irkut

Second MC-21 joins flight test programme

The second MC-21-300 test aircraft made a successful 1hr 7mn maiden flight on 12th May, reaching an altitude of 3000m and a speed of up to 400km/h.

The second MC-21-300 narrowbody twin test aircraft made a successful maiden flight on 12th May at the airfield of Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The aircraft — which incorporates lessons learned from initial testing of the first MC-21 — rolled off the assembly line in March.

The 1hr 7mn flight reached an altitude of 3000m and a speed of up to 400km/h. Testing covered aircraft stability and controllability in various wing configurations with landing gear retracted and extended, as well as on-board equipment.

A third aircraft is dedicated to static testing at TsAGI. Three more test aircraft are currently under construction. A total of four aircraft will take part in the flight test programme.

Testing of the composite wing box was successfully completed at the end of 2017, confirming its sufficient strength for flight operations in limit conditions.

The flight test programme with the first aircraft has included stability and controllability, takeoff and landing characteristics, power plant operating modes, including engine start in flight, and aircraft recovery from deep bank roles.

The MC-21 made its first flight in May 2017 and entered the second phase of flight testing four months later.

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