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Pilatus halts production of legendary PC-6
Pilatus PC-6. © Pilatus

Pilatus halts production of legendary PC-6

Pilatus has announced that production of the PC-6 will cease in early 2019, bringing one of the world’s longest aircraft production runs to an end.

Pilatus has announced that production of the Pilatus Porter PC-6 — built at Stans without interruption since 1959 — will come to an end in early 2019.

The PC-6 is one of the world's longest-running aircraft production stories. Pilatus has produced a total of 500 PC-6s in Stans since 1959. Slightly less than 100 additional machines were also produced in the U.S. under licence.

The PC-6 delivered an international breakthrough for Pilatus: its short takeoff and landing capabilities and general versatility earned it worldwide fame and a reputation as a robust “all-rounder”. Amongst its many achievements, the Pilatus Porter has flown several cargo and passenger trips at maximum useful load to an altitude of 5700m above sea level — a world record that has never been bettered.

With the arrival of the PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, for which series production is currently gearing up in Stans, the company has decided that the PC-6 no longer fits the product portfolio. Employees previously engaged on the PC-6 production line will be assigned to assembly work on our other aircraft types.

Pilatus says it will accept orders for the PC-6 latest until mid-2018. The number of aircraft available is limited. The company says that existing customers can depend on at least 20 years of support and spare parts for the PC-6.

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