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Paris Air Show 2019: Unveiling of the all-new DA62 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
New Leonardo and Diamond Aircraft's DA62 MAS at the Paris Air Show. © Diamond Aircraft

Paris Air Show 2019: Unveiling of the all-new DA62 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

Leonardo and Diamond Aircraft Industries will introduce the new DA62 MAS (Maritime Surveillance Aircraft).

The new DA62 MAS manufactured by Leonardo and Diamond Aircraft will appear for the first time at the Paris Air Show. The two manufacturers will introduce their new variant of the twin-engine with its Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) suite.

The aircraft is designed to operate short and medium-range maritime and over-land surveillance missions. Leonardo’s contribution to the new aircraft mainly appears within the sensor outfit composed of its Gabbiano Ultra-Light TS Radar and a third-party Electro-Optic (EO/IR) system, integrated with Leonardo’s ATOS (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) mission system.

It meets a requirement of ISR platforms in regions such as South America, Africa and Pacific Asia. As a matter of fact, more than 110 Twin Engine Special Mission aircraft have been sold by Diamond and more than 60 ATOS systems are installed by Leonardo on 10 different platforms, including for Italy’s Air Force, Guardia di Finanza (customs police) and Coast Guard and Australian Customs, with the aim to improve the surveillance of their borders against illegal fishing and other criminal operations.

It is not the first time a DA62, formerly named DA52 until June 2014, appears at a Paris Air Show. In fact, another variant of the Twin-Engine, whose first flight occurred in April 2012, was introduced during the last air show. Thus, Diamond Aircraft - Leonardo partnership brings another version to the DA62s’ collection.

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