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Paris Air Show 2019: MBDA’s vision of the next generation of European air combat system
MBDA's future generation air combat systems. © MBDA

Paris Air Show 2019: MBDA’s vision of the next generation of European air combat system

MBDA presents its vision of future air systems at the Paris Air Show 2019.

This year, the Paris Air Show started with MBDA unveiling capabilities of its future air systems. The company, expert in designing and producing missiles and missile systems, brings to the airspace market its experience to respond to the issue presented by a system used as access denial strategies and which combines surface-to-air and air-to-air.

Realizing the stakes of future air combat, MBDA has developed  projects of aircraft and air effectors to enter denied areas,  and deal with threats encountered on those areas.

To do so, MBDA offers multiple solutions such as:

  • Deep Strike with cruise missiles able to penetrate A2AD (Anti Access Area Denial).
  • Tactical Strike with stand-off, networked and compact armaments.
  • Air-to-Air Combat with active radar guided beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile such as Meteor.
  • Self-Protection with the “Hard Kill” anti-missile system which operates during 'stand-in' combat, when soft-kill counter-measures and decoys are no longer sufficient.
  • Enablers for the penetration of adversary defences with the “Remote Carriers” that deliver multiple effects, whether lethal or non-lethal, as well as new services for ammunition such as intelligence, targeting, and deception of enemy sensors. The Remote Carriers can operate with other armaments and platforms, and can be launched from combat or transport aircraft, or surface ships and can work as capability extenders for the platforms and the armaments.

With its array of products, MBDA shows the survivability strategies  that can be deployed when networked effectors seem to become an essential part in the combat “cloud”, by exchanging tactical information and target co-ordinates in real-time with platforms and other network nodes. These effectors will rely on resilience to respond to any form of aggression (eg: Electronic Warfare, Cyber) as well as on rapid decision aids able to compute complex situations.

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