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First Airbus A330neo starts final assembly
The wings have been joined to the centre fuselage. © Airbus

First Airbus A330neo starts final assembly

Airbus has commenced the final assembly of its first A330neo, an A330-900, at its Final Assembly Line in Toulouse with the joining of the wings to the centre fuselage at station 40 on 27th September. 

Both the A330-800 and A330-900 feature a new A350-inspired wing with Sharklet wingtip devices, Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines and the new AirSpace by Airbus cabin. The A330neo is targeting a reductionin fuel consumption of 14% per seat.

The A330neo offers an additional 400 nautical miles range, leading to a 6,550nm range on the A330-900 and 7,500nm on the A330-800. To date, 10 customers have ordered a total of 186 A330neo. 

The A330-800 and the A330-900 are 99% common, sharing a  95% commonality across the entire A330 fleet. Over 1,600 A330s have been ordered to date.

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