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Boeing 737 MAX: American and United airlines postponed to November
Boeing 737 MAX are subject to FAA's tests. © American Airlines

Boeing 737 MAX: American and United airlines postponed to November

American Airlines and United Airlines announced the deferral of the flight program of their Boeing 737 MAX to November 2019. A logical decision.

One after the other, United Airlines and American Airlines have announced they would defer the flight program of the Boeing 737 MAX until the beginning of November 2019. A logical decision in respect to the wait of the check and validation by the FAA of every modification submitted by Boeing, the setting of a sufficient number of simulators to train all the pilots qualified on Boeing 737 MAX to the MCAS subtleties, and the decision of setting or not a new sensor on the aircraft already produced as well as the ones under production.

United Airlines has scheduled the reintegration of the aircraft to November 4, with the possibility to cancel the flights. The airline has taken delivery of fourteen Boeing 737 MAX and was waiting for sixteen more by the end of the year. For United Airlines, this new report corresponds to 2,100 flight cancellations in September and 2 600 more in October.

For American Airlines, which has a bigger Boeing 737 MAX fleet, the impact is a loss of about 115 flights per day, or 3,400 per month.

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