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Ariane 6 series production begins
Ariane 6. © ESA

Ariane 6 series production begins

ArianeGroup is starting to build the first series-production batch of 14 Ariane 6 launchers, which are scheduled to fly between 2021 and 2023.

Following the initial institutional and commercial launch orders for Ariane 6 obtained by Arianespace since the autumn of 2017, and the resolution of the European Space Agency Council on 17th April 2019, relative to the rocket’s operational framework, ArianeGroup is starting to build the first series-production batch of 14 Ariane 6 launchers. 

These 14 launchers, scheduled to fly between 2021 and 2023, will be built in ArianeGroup plants in France and Germany, as well as in facilities operated by its European industrial partners in the 13 countries taking part in the Ariane 6 programme. 

In parallel, ArianeGroup is proceeding with manufacturing of the model to be used for ground qualification tests on the launch pad in French Guiana, as well as the first Ariane 62 flight vehicle, for which the inaugural launch is planned for 2020. 

“We can now ensure the ramp-up of Ariane 6 production and prepare for its launch operations,” said André-Hubert Roussel, CEO of ArianeGroup. 

Ariane 6 – an ESA programme –is modular and will be available in two versions: Ariane 62 (with two P120 solid fuel boosters, common with Vega-C) and Ariane 64 (with four P120C solid fuel boosters), enabling it to carry out all missions, to all orbits, and to guarantee continued European access to space. 

ArianeGroup is the prime contractor for the development and operation of the Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 launchers, and coordinates an industrial network of more than 600 companies, including 350 SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in 13 European countries. Arianespace is responsible for the operation of Ariane, Soyuz and Vega launch systems, ensuring their 

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