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Aero Vodochody, IAI unveil F/A-259 Striker
F/A-259. © Aero Vodochody

Aero Vodochody, IAI unveil F/A-259 Striker

Aero Vodochody and Israel Aerospace Industries have unveiled the F/A-259 Striker, an upgraded version of the L-159 Alca.

Aero Vodochody and Israel Aerospace Industries have unveiled the F/A-259 Striker, described as a multirole aircraft for close air support, counter-insurgency operations and border patrolling with interception capabilities.

Based on the L-159 Alca, the F/A-259 Striker adds latest advances in avionics and aircraft systems technology. Using the benefits of a wet wing, the F/A-259 Striker is claimed to offer superior performance, greater maneuverability, and extended range.

The announcement follows the parntership agreement signed by the two companies in April.

The new aircraft is designed to combine high performance with low acquisition, operation and maintenance costs. IAI notes that the F/A-259 will meet the requirements of the USAF's OA-X light attack aircraft programme.

According to Aero Vodochody, the F/A-259 is able to operate from unpaved runways and has seven hard points for any combination of fuel, weapons, or mission equipment, allowing smart weapons integration and standoff weapon capabilities.

As an optional upgrade, the F/A-259 can be equipped with an AESA radar and helmet-mounted display. Another optional upgrade is air-to-air refueling, increasing the aircraft’s range and endurance.

The F/A-259's open architecture concept is designed to allow future updates based on customer requirements and use of Real Time Data Link, supporting a high situational awareness capability. The advanced digital cockpit features two large multifunctional displays, electronic flight instrument system, and other features.

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